Si Cranstoun
The undeniably brilliant Si Playing Live. OMG!
Chill Ladies
Swing from Paris
Djangoness at it's best. Stylish Gypsy Jazz and Vintage Swing.
1930's Bliss
James and Bridget
Local Fabulousness
Top Drawer Teachers
Love 'em
Bic and Simone
Bic and Simone
Top Class Lindy Hop Instruction
Teaching Well Good
JB Jazz and Blues
JB Jazz and Blues
The boys are back in town!.
Get yourself here
Down for the Count
Incredible Edible Swing Orchestra
F.A.B Parker!
Steel Weasels
Rock n Roll Music to set your feet patting
Take Note
Hoc and Mark
Sheer Class
Big Knowledge
Marcus and Julie
Rowing, Ross on Wye, Jive
Much Joy
Wish List
Fortunately, on this occasion, THERE IS MORE TO COME! Please check back.
Frankie Manning
Rolls Royce 1936
Tea O'clock
Beautiful Zoot Strides
Dance Floor
Lola Lamour
Ice Cream Stand

Why You Should Come and Join Us at JATW

There are so many combinations of ways to enjoy this brilliant vintage weekend.

There is something here to suit everyone. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



The bands and the DJ''s are all so excited to be bringing you outstanding music to listen to, dance to and find new and interesting tunes you didn't know before.
Soak it all Up

Soak it all up

There is so much music dance and vintage going on that you can pick and choose what floats your boat!

Buy Some Lovely Tickets

Something New Something Old

Something New, Something Old

Find new things to get involved in, things to add to what you already know and love, things that are just too scrumptious to leave behind.

Other things that will help you enjoy your event

We love what we do at JATW and you will love it too, that's a promise.


Where's good to stay locally in easy reach. Dial it into the interweb if your note taking advantage of the FREE CAMPING


By Trains and Boats and Planes etc!


Is there food on site? Can I bring my own? If I run out of food are there shops near by. Will I be hungry? That would be YES YES YES NO!!

Dance Workshops

Workshops in Lindy Hop, Blues, Jive, Shag, Balboa, Jazz Steps + more

Social Dancing

Sleep all day, Dance all night. Skip workshops and just socialise with the bands and Dj's

Dancing No thanks!

No Problem. Dancing isn't every bodies bag. If you love this music, want phenomenal bands and Dj's enchanting your ears, come in, settle down. We'd love to see you.


Please note : All acts at JATW are subject to change without notice.

Please get in touch if you have anything you would like to know.